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  • JT replied to the topic Re: Scotland CMA in the forum.
    Hi John ,
    Sorry I didn't see your post earlier . Welcome to Prayerbiker . Doc , Beemer and I ( and others ) usually hang out in the Coffee Shop Stop ( ) . Drop in and say Howdy . I'd love to hear about the CMA in Scotland .

    Sheridan , WY CMA chapter VP
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  • JT replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    Hi Doc ,
    I still have some drainage coming from the wound . The doctor had put me on Erythromycin to see if it would clear up any lingering infections and finish healing the wound . I finished the Erythromycin last night , but it appears my stomach is still leaking fluid . ( Looks like clear fluid ? )
    The surgeon said if it doesn't close that it probably mean the stitches got contaminated inside . ( the stitched the inside of the incision and stapled the outside ) . If that turns out to be the case then he will have to take me back into surgery and remove the stitches causing the problem , I pray that's not the case . But I am so tired of walking around with a water tight / air tight bandage on my stomach , and the skin on my stomach is very tender .

    Where did John ( CMA ) make his intro onto Prayerbker ? I'll go say hello to him once find it .

    Have a great week .

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  • JT replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    Thanks Doc ,
    Have a great trip and take some pictures . I don't think I've seen your camper van , I'd love to own one .
    God Bless .

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  • JT replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    Thanks for the encouragement Doc ,
    I'm just so frustrated . I live with chronic pain in my lower back , upper back , right ankle , right knee , right shoulder and neck , and get a lot occipital headaches . Now the skin on my stomach has become like a babies diaper rash , it's very sensitive to the touch and it hurts like heck when I have to have the wound pump dressing changed 3 times a week , it feels like they're peeling the skin off me when they take that air tight / water tight banged off . I'm so tired of all this pain , I'd just like some of it to stop .
    I have pain meds ( Methadone ) for my chronic pain . But they are only 10 mg tablets and I only take a half a tablet ( 5 mg ) in the morning and a half a tablet at night before bed . I stack Aleve or Tylenol , and / or Bayer Aspirin on top of it when needed . But I hate doing that because as you know it constipates you and that's not good , especially after adhesion surgery . It always seems like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place .
    This whole thing is depressing .
    Have you been doing much riding ? ow's your weather been ?

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  • friends cardenjw and Doc are now friends
  • is this still used?
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  • cardenjw created a new topic Scotland CMA in the forum.
    Hi Folks
    just a short note from a new member
    I am a CMA member in the Rest of Scotland branch in the UK
    Thank you for the Add to this site.
    I will hover around for a while and Also keep up on Face book
    Best wishes and God Bless

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  • JT replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    Hi Doc ,
    Got some good news . Wyoming Wound Care changed my wound pump dressing on Wednesday and they said the wound has closed , but they put the wound pump back on just to be sure and they also changed the canister . That was yesterday morning and today the canister is empty , there is nothing coming out of the wound . I have another appointment with them tomorrow ( Friday ) at noon and I believe they may take me off the wound pump for good .
    What an awesome motorcycle and such a great story behind it !! Thanks for sharing the pictures along with the story . I can imagine how tough it is to be able to forgive the people who killed their son , I had to forgive the person who mudded me and busted my spleen and it was no easy task .
    Looking forward to getting back to somewhat of a normal life . I hope things go smoothly from here ? It's almost time to start preparing for Ole Man Winter to arrive , so I have a lot of things I need to get ready . ( Starting the portable generator and running out the old treated gas so I can put new treated gas back in and change the oil , inspecting the wood / coal stove and getting that ready in case we lose power , getting Kerosene for the kerosene heater , servicing my chain saw in case we have any downed trees , putting up hoses and sprinklers , etc.. Those sorts of things )
    Thanks for all the encouragement and prayers , I really appreciate it . God Bless .

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  • JT replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    Thanks Doc ,
    With the broken ankle last year and then shoulder surgery this year in April , and now the adhesion , I'm feeling pretty broken . Maybe my spirits will be lifted a bit when I won't need this wound pump anymore . I had my wound pump dressing changed ( it feels like they're removing my skin too when they are removing the dressing , and they've been changing it 3 times a week ) on Monday and this time they didn't pack the hole with gauze , they left it open to encourage it to close and heal , but still attached foam and wound pump . So hopefully it won't be much longer . I had 2 open wounds , the bottom one has closed , just waiting for the top to close . ( Thank God I'm not a smoker ). This adhesion happened the day I got down off the mountain from the CMA roads and trails event .
    I have a bulged disk in my neck and was planning on going to the orthopedic doctor to make an appointment for surgery on it , I was going to do that the Monday after CMA Roads and Trails , but the adhesion happened instead . The bulged disk is causing pain in my neck , right shoulder , elbow and making my thumb and index fingers go numb . But now I'm afraid to have that surgery because I'm afraid of scar tissue forming and making it even worse . ( I've heard of that happening ) .
    Thanks again for the prayers . Can't wait to see your rally pictures .

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  • JT replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    That sounds like a great motorcycle rally Doc , can't wait to see the pictures . Glad to hear the CMA is active over there too . We had an awesome Roads and Trails Rally on the Bighorn Mountains again this year .

    My summer time got cut short again this year . ( last year it was the broken ankle ) . I had an intestinal adhesion ( small intestinal blockage ) and had to have surgery on July 28th , I was in the hospital for 12 days . After surgery my incision got infected so the called in Wyoming Wound Care and they installed a Wound Pump. ( I still have the wound pump connected to me ) to get rid of the infection and help heal the wound . This is my 3rd adhesion surgery . I got mugged in 1990 and lost my spleen , after they removed my spleen I started having trouble with adhesions and my stomach hasn't been right since . I don't know what I'm going to do if it happens again because I just can't take this anymore , I've been praying a lot about it and asking the Lord to please stop this from happening again . It's extremely painful . On top of that I ended up with Thrush from the antibiotics in the hospital , so I had to go to my regular doctor for some Fluconazole to clear that up .
    Like I said , I've had 3 of these surgeries so far and this last one is by far the most painful . It's been a long , slow and painful recovery .

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  • JT replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    Wow , that's quite the ride Beemer ,
    Bear ooth Pass and the Chief Joesph highway are beautiful rides ! It must have been really nice this time of year with everything still green and lush .
    Last week we were on vacation , so we camped in the Bighorn Mountains ( at 8,794 ft. above sea lever ) and my wife and I did a little ATVing , it sure was nice .
    If you're not doing anything , the CMA has a Bighorn Mountains Roads and Trails Rally coming up on July 21 , 22 , 23 and 24th . It's at the Elk View Lodge on RT 14 on the Bighorn Mountains . We have Road routes , adventure and dual sport routes , dirt bike routes and atv / utv routes . There is something for everyone . Come and check it out if you like .
    Have a great week .

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  • Beemer added 7 new photos in MotoAmerica Road America 2016 album
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    Road Racing
    Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin View larger map
    photos 100 days ago View location
  • JT replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    Good morning folks ,
    Still here and still reading the post . Been a bit busy lately . Had shoulder surgery ( partial tendon tear , bone spurs etc ) followed by rehab etc .
    Our local CMA group is in full swing now and lot of events starting to happen around the state .
    It's nice to hear from you all . Have a blessed week .

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  • AndrewMorgan replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    Doc wrote:
    Hi Andrew,
    Good to see you posting again, and to know that all is well with you and the family.... Prayers sent for you, the family and your ministry.
    Stay strong and God Bless ---- Doc.

    Thanks Doc!
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  • AndrewMorgan replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    Still here, still read the posts and is always good to see when a new post comes through. Since I posted here last my family and I have been very busy with life, kids, business, bills etc... Had some crazy bad health season I never want to ever experience ever again ever but doing super great again thank God and his healing power!

    Sold my Harley two years ago so I haven't been riding and am WAY over due for my therapy lol. It was getting worn to the point I was tired of it AND I needed the cash to go forward with life and to create a funding method for Biker Down Ministry Rapid Response System. Many bumps in the road while building Biker Down Ministry Rapid Response System but have learned much needed lessions useful for moving forward.

    Finally got it all set up and in place and did the first live presentation three weeks ago. After that there have been several new people who have contacted me with fresh encouragement to move forward in even bigger ways. And then there have also recently been new members with new and interesting encouragement and activity.

    You know the Biker Down Ministry Rapid Response System including the BikerDownMinistry website, Facebook page and Facebook group ALL started from right here on Prayer Biker and its Rapid Response Prayer Group ao we are all family

    Eyes burning now so I will sign off and look forward to more interaction and also look forward to meeting more Prayer Biker members in real life like I met Beemer in Mo.

    Read More... 138 days ago
  • admin thanks for the post Prayer Requests here
    kunena.thankyou 273 days ago
  • JT replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum. 342 days ago
  • JT replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    Doc wrote:
    Hi JT,
    Thanks for the update on your broken ankle ---- Thank goodness it now looks a deal better than that picture you posted on Prayerbiker. I'm glad to hear that the latest X-rays showed healing, and that you are likely to be spared more surgery --- one less thing to worry about! How are you coping with all this enforced spell at home? Hope you are managing to handle it OK and keeping yourself interested in things.
    I was sorry to read that you have decided to give up motorcycle riding --- though I fully understand why, and would have made the same decision myself, given what happened to you. There comes that moment in every rider's life when such a decision has to be made, and I think that deep down, we all dread that moment coming, as we know that we won't ever again be returning to something which gave us such special pleasure. It's a big milestone on our life's journey, and leaves a big hole to fill. Not just the fact that we are no longer out there riding in the wind ----- there's also the readjustment to no longer being out with fellow riders & friends, in relationships cemented by shared experiences out on the highways over many years. Thinking back over the past five years of posts on Prayerbiker, some of the most regular contributors have had to say a reluctant "Goodbye" to riding, either because of injuries or health problems or perhaps old age & the problems that brings. All part of life, I suppose.
    We'll miss your reports on bike rides & bike related events, but I hope that when your injury heals up a bit more, you'll start to get your life back, & start to enjoy the freedom of being able to get out and about again --- whether initially by car, or at a later stage --- off-road on an ATV! Keeping you in my prayers meantime, for ongoing healing and new direction in you life.
    God Bless --- Doc.

    Hi Doc ,
    I'll still be riding in the wind , just not on a 2 wheel motorcycle . I'll be riding one of these ( ) . You can register and insure these ATV's in Wyoming and drive them on the roads ( just not on interstates ) . So I will still be riding around town , riding on ole dirt country roads , and riding in the mountain , but I just won't be doing it on a 2 wheel motorcycle . My wife and I will each have our own so we can go riding together , I think she'll have more fun too . She borrowed a friends ATV this year and went on a trail ride in the Bighorn Mountains with some fellow CMA riders and she had a lot of fun , it's all she talked about when she got back .
    I'm going to stay well connected with the motorcycle community , and we're going to stay active in the Christian Motorcycle Association , and I still plan on sharing events and rides with others .
    Dirt biking and ATVing is the fastest growing segment of the CMA right now , so we'll still have fun . Plus , there is actually more different places to ride an ATV here , than there is for motorcycles .
    Ankle is still tender , but looking much better . But these crutches are aggravating my spine and joint condition . My spine and right shoulder are in constant pain now , so that's wearing on me .
    I'm not dealing with being stuck home so good , it's pretty depressing . But I talk with family and friends on Facebook , my friends come and pick me up once and a while and take me out . ( I'm having a movie night with a friend tonight , while our wife's go to an art class ) .
    I have some hobbies , but I can't do them right now . I have a Industrial Sewing Machine and I like to make different things out of Canvas , or heavy duty Cordura , but it requires my right foot to run the pedal and my right knee to use the foot lift , so that's out of the question for now . I like to cast my own bullets out of scrap lead , but I don't want to work around hot molten lead and loose my balance , so that's going to have to wait as well . No hunting this year either .
    Oh yeah , and my wife and I gave up Television over a year and a half ago , to much filth on TV these days .
    Anyway , sorry for rambling on . How have you been ? Have you been up to anything exciting lately ?
    Blessings .

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  • JT replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    Doc wrote:
    Good Evening JT,
    Brother, my heart goes out to you at this time of pain and enforced confinement to the house. You must be very frustrated by what happened, not to mention the consequences of what happened on 21st. August. I know from previous posts that you were so much looking forward to the riding season, what with your new trailer and everything, so for something like this to happen, must leave you feeling gutted.
    There still looks to be a lot of swelling & bruising around your (R) ankle, so remember to try & keep the leg elevated to encourage drainage of oedema fluid from the soft tissues around the fracture site. Hopefully, you are getting good care and follow up for this injury, but I reckon you are going to have to be patient for a while yet to allow healing to take place.
    If I lived a bit closer, I'd be in to see you, but since I don't, you're in my prayers at this time, and I hope that there's some brighter times ahead for you once this injury heals up.
    Stay strong and God Bless --- Doc

    Hi Doc ,
    ( That's picture was taken the day I broke my foot , on Aug 21st . It looks a lot better now )
    When I first went to the orthopedic doctor on Aug 25th , 2015 he said my ankle is broken and it will need surgery in order to put screws in it , he said it was a bad injury . But then he ordered a CT scan and found out that the bone was also crushed and in little pieces , and there was nothing there for him to screw into . So he suggested letting it heal on it's own for a month and see what happens , but said he may have to go in and pack it with bone to get it to heal right later on .
    I went back to the orthopedic doctor Oct 6th , 2015 and he took more X-rays , and he said it seems to be healing pretty good on it's own , and it doesn't look like any surgery will be needed . But I have to continue to wear this boot at least until my next doctors visit on November 9th , 2015 . Except now I'm allowed to take it off to sleep , so that's good
    Thanks for the prayers . I've had a lot of people praying for me and I truly believe the Lord had a hand in my healing ..
    I did however decide that it's time to give up riding . Because of the constant pain my spine and joints are in , it's getting harder and harder to try and hold my bike up when I'm stopped . So I think my wife and I are going to sell the bike and buy a pair of ATV's and try that for awhile . ATV's are street legal where we live and there are plenty of ole dirt country roads to ride on down here , as well as up on the mountain . We still plan on staying active in the CMA as well .
    Thanks again .


    Read More... 351 days ago
  • JT replied to the topic Re: Coffee Shop Stop in the forum.
    Howdy on ya ,
    Doc , sorry to hear you had a bad summer for riding . At least you have a nice fall , so that's a plus . Thanks for posting the pictures , very nice country out there .

    My riding season started off good . But on Friday Aug 21st , 2015 We held our annual CMA Bighorn Mountains Roads & Trails Rally here in Wyoming . I was leading a group of adventure / dual sport riders across the Bighorn Mountains via an old Wagon Train Road when I stopped so they could take some pictures . When I stopped my foot slipped on loose gravel and I fell over and my 2012 Yamaha Super Tenere fell on top of me , crushing and breaking my ankle .
    After the guys got the bike off of me , I finished leading the group 45+ miles back to camp , and I finished out the weekend on the mountain before trailering my bike back down off the mountain ( driving with my left foot ) and then finally going to the hospital on Sunday afternoon .
    Since then I'm pretty much been stuck home because my wife needs her vehicle to go to work and my pickup truck is a manual transmission and I can't drive it with one foot
    Anyway , here is a picture of my ankle when I crushed and broke it . It wasn't very pretty . LOL
    Hope you have plenty of nice riding days left Doc .
    Blessings .


    Read More... 352 days ago
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